Back to basics

One donation

You probably already give something to charity.

Maybe you have a couple of subscriptions, or you usually give a little when asked or when there’s an appeal on TV. Maybe you also support some causes that mean a lot to you, personally.

There’s a lot more out there, and you’d like the work they’re doing.

The trouble is, you already get bombarded by requests to give your hard-earned money away, and it’s already pretty difficult to keep track of what you’ve said yes to.

Empath UK takes donations, asks what sort of charities you’d like to support and how much of your donations should go to each sort, and makes grants based on this. It’s simple and different, and means you can start supporting many different charities with a single donation.

Your donation can be of any size – we’re not just here for those who can afford to give a lot.

We’re run by a couple of people working in their spare time, and we currently work with a small number of donors and charities, and have made over £5000 worth of grants to date.